Fittest in the Valley 2012
Wilkes-Barre Fitness Challenge
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Sunday, June 10, 2012


(This Event Is Sold Out)

Event Starts: 9:00am

Registration Begins: 7:30am, June 10, 2012

Meet at the Martz Amphitheater (The big shelter by the pond.)


Overview and Rules

The competition will consist of four athletic events that will test broad fitness. Each event will involve various exercises and movements that are easily learned and easily judged for completion.

All competitors must complete each exercise at the designated weight to maintain eligibility for ranking. Competitors who cannot complete any movement at the designated weight or range of motion may continue the competition at a scaled weight or modified movement but will no longer be eligible for ranking or prizes. If a judge deems any movement unsafe for an athlete he or she will be asked to drop down to a lesser weight to continue, but may choose to continue on at their own risk.

Judges will keep standards of movements and make take away any repetition that is not done to the briefed standard. Any missed or "no-rep" movement must be redone to standard to be counted. If the athlete does not know why the repetition did not count they may ask for clarification if none was given.

Any unsportsmanlike like conduct will result in an automatic and immediate disqualification without being allowed to compete in any more events. This is including but not limited to cheating, intentionally distracting another competitor during a workout, or otherwise detracting from the enjoyment of others. The head judge will make the final decision as to disqualifications.

The winner of each event will be the athlete with the fastest time or the most amount of total repetitions. They will be awarded 100 points for the event. Points will then be awarded to other competitors based on a percentage of completion. The man and woman with the highest possible score (400 possible points) will be declared the winner and "Fittest of the Valley".


WNEP's Ryan Leckey, 2011

Event 1- "Land and Sea"
Location: Kirby Park Track
Duration: 10 minute cap

400 meter run, 800 meter row, 400 meter run

Event 2- "Atlas Surrenders"
Location: Marston Pavilion
Duration: 15 minute cap

2 rounds;
20 alternating ground-to-overhead and surrender with kettlebell
(70lbs male/35lbs female)
40 grasshoppers

Alternating ground-to-overhead with surrender: athletes will pick up kettlebell with one hand and lift it above their head any way they want until the arm is fully extended. Once the arm is locked out the athlete will then step back with one leg into a one legged kneeling position. They will then lower their other leg until they are kneeling. The athlete will then stand back up until they are full erect (hips, knees, and elbows fully locked). They will lower the kettlebell back to the ground. This is one repetition. They will then alternate hands and perform another repetition.

DEMO of leg movement in Surrender:

Grasshopper: athlete will start in a pushup position with only hands and feet in contact with the ground. They will then bring one leg up towards the opposite arms and touch the shin to the forearm. They will then bring this leg back to the pushup position. This is one repetition.

DEMO of Grasshopper:

EVENT 3- "Up and Down the Valley"
Location: Marston Pavilion
Duration: 10 minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible

30 Situps with an Abmat
20 Ground-to-overhead with a barbell and weights
(75lbs male/45lbs female)
10 box jumps
(24 inch box male/20 inch box female)

Situps with an Abmat: athlete will lay prone with Abmat under their lower back and soles of the feet firmly touching each other. The athlete will extend the hand over their heads, touch the ground behind them, and then situp until they touch their shoes. This is one repetition.

DEMO of Abmat situp:

Ground to overhead: The bar will start on the ground and the athlete will put the bar above their head so that their hips, knees, and arms are fully locked out and the ear is visible in front of their vertical arms. This is one repetition.

DEMO of Ground-to-overhead:

Box Jumps: athlete will leave the ground on two feet, land on the box demonstrating control over their balance, and then stand up until knees and hips are fully locked out. They will then either jump or step down. This is one repetition.

DEMO of Box Jump:

EVENT 4- "Farmer Kirby"
Location: Dike by tennis courts
Duration: 12 minutes to finish as many legs as possible.

1. Farmer carry two kettlebells 60 meters to base of dike then drop at cone
2. Sprint 10 meters to the top of the dike and touch the cone
3. Sprint 10 meters down the dike, must stay on feet*
4. Pick up and farmer carry kettlebells back to start/turnaround point
(70lbs kettlebell male/35lbs kettlebell female)
*Athletes who roll or otherwise fall down the hill must repeat leg

Pick up the kettlebells, one in each hand. Kettlebells must remain in line with the body during movement and cannot be thrown forward at any time. Arms and hands cannot utilized for movement during the dike sprints up or down.


Athletes compete as individuals. Awards given to the top three men and women overall regardless of age. Men and women will compete in separate categories.


Each event will be hand-timed by race officials. This official will also determine if exercises are being completed with the proper technique. The ruling of the official is final in all cases and cannot be appealed. The fastest combined time through all four events is the winners. Winners get framed certificates and gifts donated by local businesses.



2012 Table will be posted May 6, 2012

The following events were scheduled for the Wilkes-Barre Fitness Challenge:

50 Squats
400 Yard Run
50 Squats
800 Yard Run
50 Squats
400 Yard Run

10 Minute Cap
10 Ground-to-Overhead Lifts
  (95 lbs. for men &
  65 lbs. for women)
20 Pushups
30 Surrender Lunges
15 Minute Cap
levee incline sprint
15 push-presses
  (95 lbs. for men &
  45 lbs. for women)
5 minutes to your deadlift PR
  (Weight Lifted - Body Weight)
  This will be subtracted from
  total time (in seconds)*

*For example, if a 200 lb. man deadlifts 300 lbs.,
then 300 – 200 = 100 seconds subtracted from your total time.


Proceeds from this event support local Foster Care and Adoption in Northeast Pennsylvania.


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Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012

Registration Information

$35 per person

Field limited to first 64 registered.

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